I’ve rented a couple of different places and managed properties as well and I have never seen any owner put together a shindig like the 2017 SILVERMAN Resident Holiday Party! I would say most important, however; the building we live in now (Charles & Co.) along with the staff, are all top notch. We are very happy to call our new apartment and Jersey City, home.

– Adam K.

“Thank you so much for making this holiday season wonderful. Living here has been an absolute joy, and your generosity during the holiday truly made me feel welcomed and appreciated.”

-Anne M.

– Anne M., Charles & Co. Resident

Just a quick note of thanks for the awesome event last night.

Tip o’ the hat for bringing such quality and style to JC.  One thing is for certain, the SILVERMAN team has set the bar quite high.


– Chris

Renting in a SILVERMAN building has been fantastic. My wife and I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience- from the leasing agent, to the management, to the building itself. And the neighborhood – absolutely love it. Wouldn’t rent from anybody else.

– Craig H.

Congrats on &co opening- really an amazing space and concept. Yet another fantastic addition to all the great things you do for Jersey City.  It’s going to be a huge success and look forward to seeing whats next. Exciting to see Hamilton Square South rising over past couple of months..


– Daniel

We are ecstatic that we chose a SILVERMAN building.  They nail the small things that make our lives more pleasant and nobody is nicer, more helpful or more responsive.


– Eric & Jessica R.

I was able to take my children Christmas shopping because the Project Market Fair was 10 feet from our doorstep at Charles & Co. It would not have happened otherwise!

– Jennifer A.

“Brittani, Thank you SILVERMAN team for hosting and inviting us to the party on Monday.  We had a great time. We believe that SILVERMAN should provide curriculum to other developers on how to deliver exemplary customer service and foster meaningful community and client relations as you are the ‘ultimate’.”

– Joe and Chris

I greatly enjoyed my year staying at Charles & Co. on Grove Street.  I can’t tell you how impressed I have been with you and your team.

– Kurt

“Thank you so much for making life in a SILVERMAN building such a special experience! I truly appreciate all that the SILVERMAN team do for us residents. Looking forward to another great year!”

– Lina

– Lina, Majestic Corner Resident

Being a resident of Jersey City for the past 17 years, you don’t know how much I appreciate all SILVERMAN has done. It’s is so great to keep pushing forward with new buildings and new relationships while investing in a safe and beautiful neighborhood. Thank you!

– Melissa B., Park Francis Resident

“I just moved into Schroeder lofts with my fiancé December of 2017. We are really enjoying our new home and we appreciate how warm the welcome has been from the entire SILVERMAN staff.”

– Michael D.

– Michael D., Schroeder Loft Resident

Since moving into Two Ten 9th Street back in March, We’ve been nothing but impressed with the building, the entire staff, and the community involvement that we see SILVERMAN take such an active role in. We’ve quickly become SILVERMAN ambassadors, telling all of our friends about the great work you all are doing in Jersey City.

– Mike, Abby + Ruth Glaser

“SILVERMAN team, thank you so much for a wonderful year in Jersey City! We enjoy so much of our time here and we are looking forward to another wonderful year ahead.”

– Olivia

– Olivia, Majestic Corner Resident

I want to tell you how helpful, thoughtful and kind Bruce and Tatianna are. And Pablo has cheerfully come by every time I’ve needed anything from a lightbulb to an air filter. You are very lucky to have such terrific people working for you.

– Rima

We only get to see you at events and we normally are both busy making things happen so we figured to start thanking you by writing a simple email would be a start. Megan and I want to thank you for being so good to us: Good landlords, good to our friends and so supportive to our causes. It may never have been said but we respect what you have done for our community, our home and at the very least feel that saying it had to be a priority. Thank you!

-George S.

Yesterday afternoon I took a walk over to Hamilton Park and visited the Green Market. There was a choral concert taking place, the playground was filled with children, the ball courts were busy, and toddlers were taking advantage of the sprinklers. You and your brother have done a tremendous job of revitalizing this neighborhood, and making it a destination place to visit, shop, and live and enjoy. Thank you for your efforts. It’s a pleasure every day to work here in your building, and be surrounded by so much life in the neighborhood

-Nick Moramarco

Heading to a dear friend’s place to hang with her and her daughter. I got the wine from Cool Vines, a gift for the little one at Hazel Baby, and takeout from GP’s Restaurant.
SILVERMAN: Building Neighborhoods – indeed!


My experience with the staff, management, and both you and your brother has been nothing short of fantastic.

The building has turned out beautifully, and I’m thrilled with my unit as well as the rooftop.

-Riddhish K.

I wanted to thank you and the whole Silverman team for giving Jersey City artists such beautiful venues to showcase our work.  Your commitment to the community and the arts is such an asset to the city; I really appreciate all that you do!

-Sarah Becktel

I lived the six best years of my life in JC. I’m very fortunate to have discovered Hamilton Square at its infancy, and to have met two genuinely great men who care deeply about what they do. You guys are without question the best in the industry. Jersey City is what it is now in large part because of your vision. Thank you. We hope to always have roots and great friends in JC. We’ll be back often.

– Alex D.

As a resident of Hamilton Square for more than two years, I cannot imagine a more desirable building or a better community. The units were intentionally designed for livability (large, open spaces; ample closets and storage; efficient use of space; etc.) and well constructed (which is rare find for new construction in Hudson County). Great attention was devoted to selecting stylish, low maintenance and durable finishes. I must recognize the efforts of both the Silvermans for their devotion to style, quality and community. As well as their very capable and trustworthy management team who share the same enthusiasm for the building and the community within. Hamilton Square helped strengthen the roots of [the Hamilton Park] community as one of the most beautiful and livable within an earshot of New York City.

– Alexander

We are loving our new home here in Jersey City, Thank you for making it such a great place!

– Amy & Sid K.

Anna and I have lived lots of places but none compares to the hospitality the SILVERMAN staff show their residents.

– Anna & Mike D.

I appreciate SILVERMAN’s friendly and accessible service, commitment to quality in all that they do and, importantly, their genuine dedication to community building.  It simply doesn’t get any better than living in a SILVERMAN building!

– Chanda G.

You truly are the best developer in Jersey City based on your product offering, approach and community engagement.

– Curt H.

Thanks for the tour of your Hamilton Square project. I had to write you right away to tell you how thoroughly impressed I was with what you have done at Hamilton Park. It’s the total package for the best of urban living in NJ, in my opinion even better than waterfront because it integrates into the existing historic fabric so well.

– Dean M.

As a resident of Hamilton Park for so long I wanted to thank you for what you have done to my neighborhood. You have managed to bring our old hospital to shine bigger than when it was a hospital. I can look out of every window in my house and see the blue-lit trees. I love them. Thanks for the beauty you have brought to our neighborhood. Your vision made it happen.

– Hamilton Park Resident

We are so appreciative of our time in the Hamilton Park neighborhood. Living in your beautiful building, in that gorgeous apartment was a joy. We thank you and Ashley and all of the folks who added to our experience (Trevor, Bruce, Lorilie, Hanry, Jamie etc)

– Jane & Mike S.

My wife and I closed on our HSQ place in December, 2010. We actually bought two units, and had them combined into one, a process that took 3 months (which is actually pretty quick, given the amount of construction required).

During this period, we got to know the whole team well — Eric and Paul Silverman, Sawyer, Matt, Mike, Alex, John, Mary Beth — and overall our experience has been pretty amazing. There was a strong feeling of good faith all the way through the process, starting with sales, through contract negotiation, buildout, closing, and post closing. To a person, the HSQ team has been great to work with.

The location and the building itself are hard to beat. We have two small kids and the amount of stuff for them here is impressive — Hamilton Park is gorgeous and like a giant back yard, we have a pool in our building (though Hamilton Health and Fitness), as well as a great wine store (important if you have two small kids), a food co-op, a dance studio, and a pharmacy. Tribeca Pediatrics will be here within 45 days, and our daughter will be attending the Montessori school across the street beginning in September – literally a two minute walk. Having previously lived in Paulus Hook for six years, there is no comparison in terms of convenience.

– Josh

Thank you for your friendship and for all the good things you do in my hometown, Jersey City. You are game changers. Keep up the good work.

– Kevin Cummings, Investors Bank

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our new place!  We’re so surprised how welcoming and friendly everyone in the building is. We can’t imagine a better place to have moved. Thank you for accepting us into the building and community!

– Lainie

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Just wanted to take a minute of your time and thank YOU for renewing my lease. SILVERMAN properties is a class act and there is no other option for me as long as I continue to reside in Jersey City. The care and attention you give to your tenants, employees and properties is top notch, greatly appreciated and is to be commended. All the best and thank you again.

– Marc A.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have ended up living here, it truly is a special place.  The staff has been absolutely phenomenal in helping me get settled.

– Max G.

Thanks so much for taking time to give us a tour yesterday. Sandee and I left so impressed by what you have done. Although we both knew about the projects ahead of time, to see it all in person and to hear the stories about the evolution of the projects is so much better. The contribution that you have made to the local community and the urban texture in Jersey City is inspiring…, we will make it a point to come back and check out GP’s, and will now know that Smith & Chang is the hot new brand in retail….!

– Nancy

What was even more impressive to me, was the incredible job you guys did with your building on Pavonia. I was totally blown away. The attention to detail and keen insight in picking your retail tenants was beyond impressive. As you know, I have been involved in several high end developments in Jersey City, through out the state and NYC, and I can say unequivocally, that your building is the best. It is so unique, warm and a truly wonderful place to be. Your occupants are fortunate to be able to call that home.

Congratulations! Thank you again and I look forward to spending some more time with you.

– Nevins M.

Thank you again for the opportunity to rent at Hamilton Square. After a few days of moving-in and organizing, I feel settled and at home. The studio apartment is beautiful and more than I could have hoped for. The residents who I have met are lovely. And the neighborhood is very quaint.

I look forward to living at Hamilton Square for these next months and have bookmarked the JC Lofts website, planning to check often for when my financé returns to NYC and we start looking for a two-bedroom. Thank you again.

– Rena

It was a pleasure meeting you. I have to share a few strong impressions with you about SILVERMAN. Your team looks happy, the residents look happy, the commercial tenants look happy, and the buildings are fantastic.

There are probably not too many things that can define success better than having such a positive impact on so many lives!

I was amazed by the transformation of just that small part of Jersey City from the days when I worked on the corner of Columbus Drive and Grove Street.

The entire SILVERMAN team should be very proud of their role in making Jersey City a happier place. Needless to say, I would consider it a privilege to help in any way with your continued success.

– Ringo L.

You have all been simply amazing. There are no words to describe the feeling of safety during such an event, and it happens every time.

Thank you for all that you do.

– Scott M.

Today is one of the happiest days in our lives, we became homeowners!! We would like to thank each and every one  of you personally, for all your help, for all your commitment, for all your professionalism! If not you, we would not have been where we are today, extremely happy and a bit overwhelmed.

Paul and Eric – Thank you so much for building such a beautiful neighborhood, for the house, for the park itself, for the whole feeling of being in such a lovely place!

Sawyer – Thank you for your patience when letting us choose what we really need!

Maureen – Thank you for your energy and for your diligence in putting all the paperwork together!

John – Thank you for welcoming us into our new place, and attending to all our needs!

– Sergey

We can honestly say the reason we stayed in Jersey City for the past 10 years has been because of how amazing [Paul] and Eric have been. Not only on a personal level but in regards to how you have shaped the city and community. We have been really grateful for how well you’ve treated us since Day 1 in 2004.

– Stephanie

I wanted to send you a quick note, expressing our appreciation for the wonderful living environment you have created, as well as your engagement in the community. Since we moved to Jersey City, we have noticed how many local events your company sponsors. Being professionally and personally involved with social and philanthropic activities, I find it remarkable how well you guys support the community to grow together. 

– Tom S.

Paul, thanks for the time.  As a guy who has spent the bulk of my career in Community Development Lending & Investing I always appreciate your company’s ability to not just (re)develop real estate but to also understand how to create vibrant neighborhood’s and provide unique amenities to its residents.

– Vince